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Skylight cleaning and repair

GRP skylights need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their condition. If left for long periods, the build-up will reduce natural light, and can cause permanent damage to the fibreglass.

Why Locus?

  • Efficient, effective service
  • Fully trained professional operatives
  • We can also repair and replace skylights
  • Fully compliant with roof access and safe working practices

Here at Locus we are specialists at cleaning skylights.

Our operatives are trained and certified to work safely at height.

We’re able to supply one-off or regular skylight cleaning services. We will access roofs using MEWPs, crawler boards or, for some projects will install scaffolding.

A site survey will enable us to advise you on any future works that may be required. When cleaning skylights, we often get asked to clear gutters and gullies also to improve drainage.

Keeping skylights clean can have a surprising effect on electricity bills - we have increased the lighting levels so much for some of our clients that they have been able to keep the lights off throughout the summer months.

Insurance audits carried out in factories means keeping skylights clean is a necessity for health & safety reasons - Often there are light levels that must be met.

We offer a complete skylight cleaning and repair service for businesses throughout the UK.

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