Specialist cleaning

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High level cleaning

Without the correct tools and training, cleaning at high levels is both difficult and dangerous. Locus employ experienced high-level cleaning specialists, who are fully certified and competent working at heights.

We can schedule cleaning programmes around the clock, seven days a week, which means that we can work outside normal business hours and minimise disruption to your business. This is important to many of our clients, for whom down time can be incredibly problematic (not to mention expensive).

Locus work hard to ensure that your property is clean and usable again as soon as possible. We issue work reports after each job to ensure that our cleaning is thorough enough for your requirements.

Why Locus?

  • Efficient, effective service
  • Fully certified and competent to work at height
  • Free on-site survey and work reports issued
  • Able to access areas others cannot
  • Variety of modern cleaning techniques
  • Assistance with refurbishment or painting as required

Trusted by:

We are full accredited by the following bodies and insured accordingly to carry out this nature of work: