Industrial and Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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Experienced professional cleaners specializing in factories, warehouses and commercial properties, operating in East Anglia, North London and the East of England.

Specialists in cleaning and maintaining large commercial properties

Locus Services provides cleaning solutions for your premises quickly, efficiently and safely.

Our team are experienced in cleaning and renovating in a number of situations requiring specialist cleaning knowledge and equipment. We can also work around the clock, so you can get on with your day to day business unaffected by our work.

Our services

We’re much more than just cleaners. Locus works with industrial and commercial clients, keeping businesses running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We are fully accredited by the following bodies and insured accordingly to carry out this nature of work.


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    Commercial Pressure Washing and Car Park Cleaning

    Commercial pressure washers are much more powerful than home models and need professional hands on the nozzle. Locus can supply both the machines and the skilled workers to make cleaning out your building’s pavements, outdoor areas and car parks a breeze. Regular contracts or one-off cleaning are both available.

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    Skylight cleaning, High Level Maintenance and Pigeon Waste Removal

    Commercial buildings need regular cleaning and maintenance, but often have hard-to-reach areas that are high up or difficult to get to. Locus have the tools and the expertise to clean those difficult spots and keep your business looking good.

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    Commercial Gutter Cleaning and Waste Disposal

    Both often overlooked jobs, but if gutters are left blocked they’ll flood, and if garbage isn’t cleared it can pile up quickly. Locus offers regular cleaning services and waste disposal contracts, making it as simple as possible to clear gutter blockages and get your business’s waste disposal service running smoothly.

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