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DOFF Cleaning

DOFF cleaning is a unique cleaning process, using high temperatures and low pressure to create a steam cleaning process. This cleaning process has been developed and designed specifically for stone and brickwork.

Why Locus?

  • Fully Compliant - Insured / Licensed / Accredited
  • Fully trained professional operatives
  • Proven methods of removal
  • Variety of chemicals available depending on building fabric
  • Mobile operatives are available 24 /7
  • All works will be photographed before and after
  • Specialist brickwork and stone cleaning equipment

Before DOFF cleaning

After DOFF cleaning

What Is DOFF Cleaning?

The unique DOFF cleaning machine superheats water in order to produce a high-temperature steam (up to 150ºc at the nozzle end) at low pressure. This enables our team of specialist operators to clean stone and brickwork without excess water, which can flood the area. Pressure and temperature can both be adjusted, depending on the type of matter being removed.

Whilst the DOFF cleaning system may resemble a standard pressure washer system, the actual cleaning process used is much different. A much lower and gentler volume of water is used to achieve impressive results, meaning that surfaces dry out much quicker than they would following pressure washer cleaning and less water is used. As the superheated water vapour removes stubborn matter and kills off damaging moss and fungi spores, there is no need to use a further chemical cleaning solution.

What types of buildings can DOFF cleaning be used on?

DOFF cleaning is now the preferred method of cleaning for building contractors and architects. It is important to use the specific DOFF cleaning process in order to protect buildings - the high temperatures and gentle pressure used removes mould, graffiti and discolouration and leaves stone or brickwork looking like new without any risk of damage to the building surface and without the use of harsh chemicals.

The DOFF cleaning system also allows us to work in remote locations and areas, without access to water or power, as we can supply these ourselves. 


Here at Locus Services, we are fully insured and accredited for use of the DOFF cleaning system. As minimising disruption is important for most of our clients, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would like more information on the DOFF cleaning services we provide, or to arrange a no-obligation quote, get in touch with Locus Services today! 

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