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Factory floor painting

Locus provides specialist floor painting solutions for commercial clients. We work around you to tailor the application so that minimal disruption is caused to your day to day operations.

There are a number of reasons to paint factory floors, whether its to improve aesthetics, improve cleaning processes by minimising dust, or to protect the underlying material from damage.

Why Locus?

  • Efficient, effective service
  • Fully trained professional operatives
  • Variety of different paints and products available
  • Available 24hours so minimum disruption to your business

We will survey your business to decide on an appropriate paint that meets your needs. All our floor painting jobs are hard-wearing and tough enough to survive regular operations, and we can paint markings or warnings as well for Health and Safety or organisational purposes.

Locus work with local businesses, local authorities, commercial clients and landlords, as well as private individuals. Our painting teams are available 24 hours a day to ensure that work can be carried out outside normal working hours.

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